Hoboken, New Jersey Latest Municipality to Join Climate Litigation Fiasco

On September 2nd Hoboken, New Jersey became the latest municipality to join a growing list of state and local governments to sue a number of energy manufacturers, seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to overcome and adapt to the effects of climate change the lawsuit alleges the plaintiffs are responsible for.

Hoboken’s lawsuit takes an all of the above approach to climate litigation and lumps in the typical politically charged language to claim that industry members have colluded with the American Petroleum Institute, an interest group, in a “greenwashing” campaign to mislead the public about the effects of using fossil fuels for energy generation.

It is becoming clearer with each lawsuit that climate litigation is a political strategy more interested in promoting the issue and apparent “evil” of fossil fuels than finding solutions to global climate challenges. This is obvious given the massive research and development into efficiencies gains and carbon capture technologies.

With a number of climate litigation cases outstanding the November election will undoubtedly have an effect on their popularity but the Supreme Court should be keen to settle this issue in the near-term.